Flying with SCUBA Diving Equipment and Tanks

Many airlines accept SCUBA Diving equipment as checked luggage on their flights, although if exceeding weight limits, overweight and oversize fees may apply. This can apply to both your diving equipment, as well as any underwater camera equipment you may be flying with. When flying with your SCUBA gear, check whether you are allowed to fly with your tanks, as many airlines do not accept SCUBA tanks on their flights for safety reasons. In those cases, you may have to fly with another airline, or rent tanks once you arrive at your destination

Airline Takes SCUBA Diving Equipment? Included in Allowance? Cost Policy/Comments
AeroflotYesYesFreeShow Policy
AeromexicoYesNo$75 / $150Show Policy
Air AlgerieYesYesFreeShow Policy
Air BerlinYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Air CanadaYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Air EuropaYesNoEUR 75Show Policy
Air FranceYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Air New ZealandYesYesFreeShow Policy
Air TransatYesYesFreeShow Policy
AirTran AirwaysYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Alaska AirlinesYesYes$25Show Policy
Allegiant AirYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
American AirlinesYesYes$150Show Policy
ArkeFlyYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Asiana AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
Austrian AirlinesYesYesSee Policy - FREEShow Policy
AviancaYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
AZUL Brazilian AirlinesYesYes$150Show Policy
British AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Caribbean AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
CondorYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Delta AirlinesYesYes$150 USD/CADShow Policy
EmiratesYesYesFreeShow Policy
EurowingsYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
FlyNikiYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Frontier AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
GermanwingsYesNoEUR 50Show Policy
Gol AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
Hainan AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
Hawaiian AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Iberia AirlinesYesNoEUR 75 Show Policy
Iceland AirYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Insel AirYesNoUSD 40Show Policy
Jamaica AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
JetBlueYesYesFreeShow Policy
KLMYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Korean AirYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
LANYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
LOT AirlinesYesYesFreeShow Policy
LufthansaYesYesFreeShow Policy
Monarch AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Pegasus AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Porter AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
QantasYesYesFREEShow Policy
SouthwestYesYesFREEShow Policy
Spirit AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Star PeruYesYesFreeShow Policy
SunwingYesNoFreeShow Policy
TACAYesYesFreeShow Policy
TAM AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
TAMEYesYesIncludedShow Policy
Thomas CookYesNoGBP 60Show Policy
Thomson AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Thomson AirwaysYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Turkish AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
United AirlinesYesYesSee PolicyShow Policy
Virgin AmericaYesYes$25 USDShow Policy
Virgin AtlanticYesNoFreeShow Policy
Virgin AustraliaYesYesFreeShow Policy
VivaAerobusYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Volaris AirlinesYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
WestjetYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy
Wizz AirYesNoSee PolicyShow Policy © Copyright 2017 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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