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Star Peru Baggage Report Card

Carry-on Allowance4/10
Checked Baggage Allowance7/10
Excess Baggage Fees8/10
Overall Grade6.3/10

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Carry-On Summary

Your carry-on baggage is very limited in weight, maximum 4kg, so you won't be able to take much.

In addition, you may be able to take a small purse or handbag if space is available.

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Carry-On Security Rules

TSA - (USA): TSA Carry-On Regulations and Carry-On Liquid Restrictions

CATSA - (Canada): CATSA Carry-On Prohibited Items and CATSA Carry-On Liquids and Gel Restrictions

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Checked baggage is the one that has been previously checked in at the airport and sent to the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

The baggage allowance for each passenger is 25 kg, distributed between a maximum of 2 items of luggage for each passenger. Baggage items must not exceed the following dimensions: 75 cm high, 45 cm long, 35 cm wide, or 155 linear centimeters.

The following items can be permitted only as checked baggage:

Wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs:

Wheelchairs or other mobility aids driven by a dry battery will be accepted as long as the battery has been disconnected, the terminals protected against short circuits and the battery is securely fastened to the wheelchair or mobility aid. The transport of these items for disabled passengers is not counted as part of the baggage allowance permitted.


1. Traveling minors who pay 50% of the adult rate have the same free baggage allowance as an adult.

2. Infants (children under 2) are entitled to carry 1 piece of luggage such as a stroller, a child safety seat, or a baby carrier seat.

3. We recommend removing all tags and labels from previous flights before handing in your luggage at the check-in counter, and remember to avoid placing fragile items in it. Breakage or damage to these items may be difficult to avoid due to handling. In case you need to transport special items, please consult with our cargo department.

4. It is important that you label your luggage with your name, address, city, and telephone number and make it as visible as possible. You can find tags at the check-in counters at the airport.

5. It is recommended that you secure your luggage properly. If you donít have locks, you can purchase security seals at the various counters at the airport.

6. Remember to keep all the luggage receipts you receive when checking in your luggage. It is important that you verify that the number of receipts matches the number of pieces of luggage you registered, as well as their destination.

7. For your own safety never accept to retrieve, keep, or transport a strangerís luggage.

8. It is important to keep in mind that when retrieving your luggage at the airport of destination, the tag number must match the number on your receipt. If you cannot find your luggage upon arrival, you must notify it to the baggage handling personnel before you leave the airport.

Baggage that must be registered.

The following items can be carried only as registered baggage


- StarPeru will not allow fire arms as part of hand luggage.

- Weapons used for personal protection will be permitted only as registered baggage and they will be transported in the cargo compartment.

- Rifles, shotguns, and other similar weapons used for sports may be transported only as part of the registered baggage, as long as they are unloaded, properly bundled, and have been previously declared at the check-in counter at the airport.

- During check-in passengers must present a valid license to carry weapons, or an identity card that shows that they are in active military duty.

- The weapon will be returned only to its owner upon arrival at the final destination. In order to do this, passengers must show their identity documents and the transport receipt.

Sharp weapons:

Sharp objects, frames containing glass, mirrors, work tools, and other similar items must be properly bundled in corrugated cardboard or wooden boxes. This is done, not only in order to avoid damage and prevent harm to people handling them, but also to protect the integrity of the aircraft.

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Any baggage amount that exceeds the maximum baggage allowance permitted is considered baggage excess. It can be ultimately transported prior payment of USD$1.77 (sales tax incl.) per each extra kilo. © Copyright 2017 - Privacy - Disclaimer
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