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Dniproavia Baggage Report Card

Carry-on Allowance6/10
Checked Baggage Allowance7/10
Excess Baggage Fees7/10
Overall Grade6.7/10

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Carry-On Summary

There is a low weight limit on your carry-on baggage of only 5kg/11lbs. The one exception is longer flights on the Boeing 737 or Boeing 767, on which you may carry up to 10kg/22lbs in your hand luggage.

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Carry-On Security Rules

TSA - (USA): TSA Carry-On Regulations and Carry-On Liquid Restrictions

CATSA - (Canada): CATSA Carry-On Prohibited Items and CATSA Carry-On Liquids and Gel Restrictions

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For direct Dniproavia flights, normal free baggage allowance is:

Economy class passengers - 20 kg
For business class passengers - 30 kg
For children under 2 years - 10 kg
For sailors who have special supporting documents - 40 kg

In the sum of three dimensions of size one piece of baggage must not exceed:
In business class - 203 cm
In economy class - 158 cm

Weight of one piece of baggage may not exceed 32 kg.

Useful Links

Linear Dimensions: What are Linear Dimensions?

Piece vs Weight: What is Piece Concept vs Weight Concept

Packing List: Travel Packing Checklist

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Excess/Oversize/Overweight Summary

Extra luggage is typically paid on a per kilogram basis. If you will be flying with excess weight, we recommend you contact the airline directly to get the per kilogram rate that will be applied on your flight.

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